Why do product details have size with measurements?

Loosely fitting clothing or not fitting at all is not cool. This is why we want to provide you as much information to you as possible about the different sizes. Different garments fit differently which is why we are include product specific measurements.

I am usually a Large so when I order a Large it will fit me.

Size of your clothing can vary from designer to designer and region to region. Which is why a Large from one clothing brand may not be the same as a large from another.  

What's an industry clothing measuring standard?

There is a set of standard measuring guidelines to ensure you can get a Medium and fit into the medium size. But these are not set in stone. If you are in the United States the standard size for a medium is different than other parts of the world like Asia.

What's our clothing measuring standard?

Since we are shipping worldwide, we want to make it simpler and have set consistent clothing measurements across our website which are based on the Asian Clothing Measuring standards.

What's the difference between Asian Measuring Standard VS. United States or Europe?

As a general size variance the Asian Measuring Standard in clothing is generally 2 sizes smaller than U.S or Europe. Which means if you are in the United States or Europe and want a medium by USA / Europe Standard it would be equivalent to Asian Size XL.